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Its Not About The Need....

It is not about the power of the need.

It is about the power of the seed.

God does not start with lack. He starts with asking what do you have?

The kingdom does not measure itself against the power of lack but the power to multiply.

Elisha comes to a widow and she announces to the prophet that my husband is dead and that her sons are about to be taken based on lack to pay the creditor.

Her perception was death has taken my husband and now the creditors are about to take my sons.

Just because you were from the house of the prophets does not mean you are exempt from from your eyes becoming dull.

Death and perceived loss has tired the eyes of the widow.

Tired eyes cannot see fresh vision.

To be born again gives you eyes to see the kingdom.

The intent of the enemy is to make one weary in their eyesight.

To lose sight of what the seed can produce.

Here comes the question from Elisha. What do you have in your house?

The prophet is giving her a chance to change her eyesight.

Her announcement is I have a little jar of oil.

That is all God required for multiplication.

It's not about what you do not have.

It is always about what you do have.

The power of the seed not the power of the need.

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1 Comment

Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson
Jul 24, 2023

Great insight, Dr. Barry. “It’s not about the power of the need. It’s about the power of the seed.“

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