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The Ingredients Of You

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

God never intended for the Divine ingredients of you to be mixed by the utensils of religion. It takes Divine utensils to mix the Divine ingredients of you. The palate of God can taste the difference of the end product based on what you have been mixed by. It takes the purity of the utensils to maintain the integrity of the ingredients. Righteousness is the substance which is required to touch the expansion of the greatness in you. Religious utensils will mix your mind up in works rather than in the accomplished works of Him. It requires the oven of the Holy Spirit to maximize the bread of life in you. Religious utensils will only beat you and never allow you to rise to the value God intended you to become. Only allow the hand of God to stir the ingredients of you.

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Llbd Live
Llbd Live
02. Feb. 2022

Really good

Gefällt mir
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