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The True Reality Of Carrying A Fresh Revelation

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Breaking protocol for the new thing. We are coming into the season where we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Have you ever considered all that happened just to bring in this new reality? An angel visits a woman who is planning to get married only to watch her future husband planning to silently divorce her. Planning for a wedding, planning for a divorce. A woman highly favored to birth our redemption only to find herself on the back of a donkey on the run with a bounty on her child's head. A child you can't show off and a child you can't talk about. Protecting a revelation of a new thing can cause one to wonder if you heard right. Birthing a revelation by the way of a supernatural seed will many times cause you to STAND when you do not understand the fullness of what you just birthed. The disconnect from what you have lived up to at that point will rattle you to say the least. You will be in trouble before you will have a testimony. Your trouble is an indicator that you just birthed a fresh revelation. Mary held the message of life when Jesus was born only to find trouble when first handling Him. Into Egypt you go while the spirit of murder seeks to destroy you. Hunted to be halted. Sought out to be destroyed. Favored from God. Frustrated holding the Son of God. Fighting for the fullness of God. If you can stand in the time of troubling because of the new thing, you will STAND as a witness to His resurrection.

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